a 32-year-old female from India, India

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"Great Heights by Men, Reached and Kept, Were not attained in a flight. But when their companions slept, were toiling upwards in the night!"

I believe in God and the least conservatist level. I live life at my own rules and prophecies and totally believe in making my own Grails! I believe in relations and love.

There's a whole wide universe waiting for us to spread out our wings and fly into it..with all our potential and dreams to unfold.

Life life, dance your way out of misery, take every dream as you step up. There is no tomorrow and life's way longer than we can ever expect it to be.

Life changes and @!&*s us to the core. But what the heck? We gota hang on and move on. There's no GRAY in life... its either Black or White, Either Truth or Lie, Either Dead or Alive.

Too much to express but too little space to fill my words in.

That's pretty much it: God shows the way in and out of stuff!


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