a 25-year-old girl from Knighton, Wales, United Kingdom

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Hello :)

My name is Nicolle-Sasha. But Nicolle or Nic is fine. 

Aged 24.

It is my belief that, that which we see may not be reality, but merely an interpretation of desire. If we wished hard enough would it come true?

I have a fierce passion for writing, as well as art. It allows me to portray everything I think or feel in a different way, so I am no longer overwhelmed by everything and so I can share the outcome with others.

Just imagine if there was no outlet for one's feelings, whether good or bad, kept inside where no-one else can gain knowledge of it. We would have no paper, no ink, no electricity, it would be a dull world inhabited by millions of people that always felt alone even if they were in a group.

I have been writing poetry and stories for a long time, many of them portraying my feelings at the time. It is through writing that I hope to achieve my goals. Although poems I can write forever, I have some difficulty with stories, most of them only lasting a few chapters. This is one thing I hope to improve. I would love to write a novel that not only shows the reader how each character feels, but also captures the reader and allows every emotion in the novel to be felt by the reader.

Creative Writing is my escape from reality as well as an outlet for my feelings and thoughts.

In every aspect of my life, writing plays an important role and will continue to do so until such a time where I am no longer able to hold a pen or type at a computer. Writing is my passion, for which the inspiration stems from my never-ending daydreaming and attempting to interpret that which surrounds me, Real Life.

I haven't been on in a while, and haven't written much lately but I'm hoping to change that now. 

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