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"Play the music, not the instrument."

Hey x Im Nicole and I'm from the UK. I have a cat called Molly and a dog called Princess of the Skye (Skye for short) and 7 fish. I love music! I play the Violin- Grade 5; The Piano-Just started so haven't done any grades yet; and I take singing lessons at school. 

I have a sister who is 12 , going on 13 and she thinks shes part cat, part monkey and part human!!?!?! Which isn't normal...My fav food is sushi, even though others say it is discusting, and I love shopping, but most of the time, I dont spend any money.

Im pretty random and I just come up with random things that just pop into my head like did you know that the longest word in the oxford dictionaries is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis- a supposed lung disease - 45 letters and that You are more likely to be killed by a donkey than in a plane?

Ive just joined protaganize so i haven't done many stories, poems etc but check them out and tell me what you think about them xx

Nicole xoxo

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