a 24-year-old dudette from Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

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"Torchwood Captain John Hart to Captain Jack Harkness <3 ' TORCHWOOD not excalibur? blizard? bikini cops? no? torchwood oh dear.' Owen:Whats that smell? Gwen:that would be grass. Owen:Well it's disgusting"

Well, I'm Nicole. And I never know what to write in these things. Although really we should know ourselves better than anybody, I can never describe myself properly. It normally gets about as far as I have brown hair and greeny brown eyes...and then it sort of fades out into meaningless *%$*. So here's some meaningless **#@ for you now, if you're even still reading that is.


I'm 16 and have just finished my GCSE's which were sort of hard but I think that all (with the exception of French) actually went quite well. I'm starting my A-levels next year which is scary...but hopefully I'l be ok.

But those don't start till September, which leaves me all Summer to either try and find a job or have a bit of a good time. At the moment the latter seems more appealing! I'm still amazed at how much spare time I have, I can get up whenevr I want and then do whatever I want when I get up. However doing whatever I want normally consists of sitting on the computer, on youtube, or watching Torchwood and NCIS for the millionth time. So by joining this I'm hoping to have something slightly more constructive to do


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