a 27-year-old male from Canada

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"People ask me why I write such messed up stuff. I tell them I have the heart of a little boy... it's in a jar on my desk." Stephen King

I am a starving, 18-year-old student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, located in Newfoundland, which is in Canada. I am currently doing an English major, and plan on doing the Creative Writing program offered at MUN, and finally to do the two year Education program so that I might be able to teach English. And not be one of those bad English teachers. I'll be one of the ones that people want to go to class for. :)

My interests are reading, writing, video games, drawing, and so on and so forth. Call me your typical writer, typical teenager, typical anything, and I probably am. If you want to know anymore, contact me, as I'm tired of filling these things out with long, extensive details about my favorite everything.

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