a 22-year-old man from India

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"What if some day you wake up as a new born baby and realize that the whole life you've gone through, was just a long dream?"

Hi! I'm Bhargav Patel. 21 years old and holding a degree of Computer Engineering. Though I've completed my engineering, I want to resume my ambition as a creative writer and that's why I'm getting connected with people through this wonderful site. I've been thinking of idea and I've started writing in my own style. I've been just looking for a platform to represent myself in the world of literature. 

I would share my stories and my works here, and I hope for a full support from every readers. I just want their opinions either good or bad. But just try to judge my work and suggest me if you want to. I'm here to accept all the suggestions from anyone.


Bhargav Patel (Nicholas Black)

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