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Hi y'all!

I live in England, I'm 16 and I am currently studying for A levels in Film Studies, Law, Maths and English Literature. Although I think I may be dropping law at the end of this year, because I'm not too fond of it. I later want a career in film-making or teaching. I also want to move abroad to America or France or Australia, or somewhere generally not in the UK.

My favourite thing in the world... ever... is DOCTOR WHO! I love it more than anything ever in this world. It's amazing. I love Colin Baker (6th Doctor) and Matt Smith (11th Doctor) and Paul McGann (8th Doctor.) I love the show so much, I made paper mache Daleks and named them after my three favourite Doctors. I've also made a paper mache TARDIS, a Snow Dalek, and a Dalek out of bins and other random objects. I'm that mad.
(My sister, WhiteRabbit, helped with these creations.)

In my spare time, I usually write or make films and I go kick-boxing once a week. I'd love to act but I know not of any drama clubs in my area... 

My favourite music is Natasha Bedingfield, James Morrison and Disney music.

My favourite film genres are usually fantasy and for a young audience, although as I am doing Film Studies at college, I am beginning to enjoy different genres.

I usually write paranormal romance, but I'm a little bored with that genre currently. Maybe I'll try to write some other type...

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