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"an active mind is worth a thousand tests you can't run" from FEED

All right well, erm what shall I say... well I guess I'll start by saying that I do not write a chapter a day/hour/week/year or any other measure of time I just do it when I feel like it.

Sorry about the recent inactivity bug i have been having but i will try to start posting again now that my homework is sort of sorted out a bit.

Next I guess I have to talk about my only "book" well since I think any of you are clever enough to find it yourselves I won't link the Title.

Turntable - A story of war both within and external following a single warrior throughout his own experience of it.

The state - A new thing that is just an idea at the moment really >.>

Next up my colab works which are fun but kind of stuck in the mud atm.

My Last Day - a great story made between me and two of my closest friends on protag.

Vision's edge - A colab that is taking a while to get started but hey it's still a good read in my opinion.

Well that's it ... for now anyway have fun reading them and please rate them honestly. :-)

Oh and since I didn't want to clutter up my quotes section I decided that I should let you guys know here, another good quote is "To judge a man for his weakest link is like judging the sea by a single wave" that is more or less what Elvis wrote in the back of his diary which went on auction today.

Okay once again I have to apologise for the inactivity but that is because I got bored of writing stories for a while. If you want to write a colab or just want to send some love my way just message me :3.

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