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"Why take Life Seriously; It's only Temporary"

Hiya... I'm Rachel, to start out with. I LOVE to write, but I guess everyone here does, so whatever...

My favorite colors are red, green, and purple, I am scared of very many things, I play the flute, I love the Rolling Stones and Beatles, I want a cat, but my father and sister are allergic. I have a younger sister, but I think I just said (wrote?) that...

I don't publish very much, because I am a notorious editer, meaning that I will go back and change an entire story on a whim. From my own personal experiences, this seems to annoy people. If I ever publish, it's because I have a clear path in mind of where the story is going.

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen very often.

I love knowing, but hate learning, I quote random people all the time, I'm considered a bad influence by parents, I'm basically that chick who never lets school interfere with my actual education. I don't see the point of learning in the classroom--I wanna learn from experience, otherwise it just flows over the top of my head.

I've never written this much about myself before, and it feels pretty good. I'm generally in the mood to talk, so contact me. Bye.   

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