just a grrl from the Heavens

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"The past is gone, vanished, only situated in your memory. The future is hope, lying ahead. The present is now, the gift. Love exists now. In the present. Love is the gift." -Unknown

"The screams and shouts vanquish in the midst of a kiss. The tears stop and dry to a dust, falling to the ground, dimisnishing the sadness. The softness of his lips pressed to yours. The gentleness of this kiss."

Am I here? Am I really here? Does this word exist? Does it really? Questions swim through my head, most of them unanswered or forgotten. Some don't make any sense. Some do. And in the end, love shall win. The battle that continues in my head, ideas fighting, decisions forming, love shall prevail.

I'm just an ordinary person. Maybe. Actually... no. Love me. Bite me. I don't care. I'm me and that's all. I'm a hopeless romantic and I love it. Awww... they kissed! Sound's crappy? Too bad. I love love. Thanks. :)

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