a 22-year-old girl from Verdun, Quebec., Canada

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"In the sea without lees Standeth the bird of Hermes Eating his wings variable And maketh himself yet full stable"

If you want to talk about anything, be it about writing or unrelated subjects, add me on MSN; or Skype: Mamofu1

So, about me, there's not much to say (well, there used to be little...), I'm just some random girl from Québec with some psychological issues and a life long interest in reading, writing, roleplaying. Generally, my works are being written as I listen to music from many different groups. I'm always happy to discover new ones as music is a good inspiration to me.

My favorite genres are Urban Fantasy, classic sword & sorcery fantasy, cyberpunk, science-fiction, fantasy/sci-fi blend.

For those interested my main works (ongoing and continuous) are right bellow. They do actually share the same world although point of view and understanding can be very different.

Current Works

Stories in the Nera-Verse - Urban fantasy setting.

Solo independent Stories

Collaborative Stories

Non-Story Works

In case you're wondering, that's the eponymous Pale as my picture.

A few things about me

  • I'm a pure-breed French Canadian or Québéçois as we prefer being called around here. My english is entirely self-thought and has tremendously improved in the time since I've joined Protag. 
  • I am infact Bisexual. Which means that Homosexuality and other Alternate lifestyle (Polyamory for example) themes may appear in my work. But if you feel uncomfortable with such elements don't read it. Or just grow up, that'll do too.
  • I tend to rant a lot; especially when speaking about spiritual or religious topics. Regardless, I'm one of the more open minded person you'll ever find and will be happy to discuss anything.
  • Religion wise; I'm walking a very fine line between atheism and pantheism. I generally describe myself as a sorcerer and am happy to discuss magic and everything that goes with it with anyone who's interested.

Random facts

Some of my interest include fantasy, science fiction, spirituality, religion, mythology and history. I am also deeply interested in real world magical practice, tarot, hermeticism, wicca, gnosticism.

I'm also interested in politic and social issues. Transhumanism is currently one of my big interest as well as just any type of science behind biology or space ship stories.

Fellow Protagonizers I recommend

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Favorite piece of entertainment - And Also, recommended for you to look up!

  • Books: The magician serie  (Raymond E. Feist), Les thanatonautes (Bernard Werber) and the Dresden files (Jim Butcher) The Iron Druid Chronicles (Kevin Hearne)
  • Comics: The Invisibles, 52, Hellblazer, Transmetropolitan, The Walking Dead, The Wicked + The Divine, Ms Marvel.
  • Mangas: Hourou Musuko, Boy of the female wolf, Fairy tail, Witch hunter, Ubel Blatt,  Noblesse, Berserk, Zettai Karen Children, 1/2 Prince.
  • Movies: LOTR series, Dark City, The matrix, Reservoir Dogs, Top Secret, the Underworld series.  Some other movies I like for poking fun's sake are; Twillight, Deathbed: the bed that eats and The Room.
  • TV Shows: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Babylon 5, Firefly, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood, Defiance, X-Files, Fringe, American Horror Story 3: Coven, A Game of Thrones, The 100, Arrow, 
  • Anime:Code Geass, Darker than Black, Heroic Age, GunGrave, Tiger & Bunny, 

    Gurren Lagann

  • Video Games: Fallout 3/NV, The elder scrolls series (Favorite being Morrowind), Borderlands, Champions online, Secret World, Far Cry 3, 
  • Tabletop games: Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Old world of darkness (favorite being mage and vampire) ,Shadowrun, Scion, Aberrant. Eclipse Phase, Unknown Armies, Mutants & Masterminds, Munchkin, Zombicide
  • Music; Most kind of rock (Especially progressive, classic and alternative rock) I also do like rap but most of it being french.  I've recently began delving into old Punk Rock, Trip Hop and Noise/Industrial.
  • Cartoon: Southpark, Teen Titans, Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Boondocks, 

Currently Watching/Reading

  • Superman the Animated Series
  • House MD

Quotes from me

"The best sign to show if you've succeded as a writer is when someone write a very dirty fanfic of your stuff."

"Even if you write something horrible, I still think it's awesome. Because you actually wrote and created something and there's nothing greater or holier than that."

"Writting for me is more than just writting words to make an entertaining story. To me, it's putting my essence and soul onto paper."

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