a 20-year-old female from In a house, South Africa

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"never Judge a book by it's cover and The people who tell you that you can't do anything are the ones who are supposed to inspire you to prove them wrong."


I am a girl and I leave in South Africa. I have a hand full of friends, 2 brothers, a dog and a mom and a dad. I am the middle child so I always get into trouble even though it wasn't me. I talk a lot  and eat a lot but thanks to fast metabolism I don't gain weight, I am not as skinny as my brother though and I am not as tall as him too (5 foot 6). 

I love to sing and write songs, when I am not inspired I write books and when I am not inspired to write a book I sit and tweet all day. I am not pretty, I don't think I am nor am I ugly. I tend to doubt myself and I always get a lecture from my friend to stop doubting myself, she also says I am too melodramatic and I always say that I just think ahead. I love to laugh at people who get killed in horror movies because they were being stupid. I love my dog with every single love I have. I am a softie so anything sad makes me cry(don't like  it at all). I believe music is what keeps the world alive.

I don't like maths and physics, I really really don't like liver it tastes like I don't know what, and I would rather starve if it was the only food left in the world, I am afraid of bugs, snakes and heights. I have a very short fuse which is one of the reasons why I keep myself happy cause I hate hurting people, I don't like any kind of abuse and therefore I will never stand by it. I don't like conceited people and I also don't like people are bossy.I stand for what I believe in.

other then that, I am a cheery, loud, crazy, weird 17 year old who enjoys laughing and making jokes. I am a dare devil(but not when heights are involved). 




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