a 106-year-old chap from Mullingar

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"Growing older is certain, it is growing up that is optional"

Hey there, I'm NeokyMaster.

NeokyMaster? What is Neoky? Neoky is a pokemon region that I invented with over 100 new pokemon and lots of new adventures.

A large fraction of my stories will be based off this new region but other non-pokemon related stories that tickle my fancy are also likely to be written by me

My favourite writers include Simon Armitage, Roald Dahl, Robert Muchamore, Michael Morpurgo and JK Rowling. I don't like William Golding because of his use of language but I do love Lord of the Flies.

I don't know how many pokemon writers are on this website, and if any are taking the same route as me with their own region and pokedex then please drop me a note.

My profile pic is the pokemon of the day that is randomly selected. My first ever pokemon of the day was coicidentely the first pokemon, Bulbasaur

Happy Writing,


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