a 27-year-old girl from Stockbridge, United Kingdom

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Thiis is my profile, so I guess I should tell you something about me!  I've been writing and dreaming (let's be honest, they are one and the same!) for a long time - the other day I found poems and stroies scrawled in old notebooks in the hand of a 5 year-old.  That was certainly a trip down memory lane!

The stuff I write now is somewhat different - it has developed, fortunately, from bad limmericks!  I do write mainly poetry - for me, it is only in poetry you can really get to the heart of an emotional issue.  I decided this after giving up on my epic fantasy novel about these children who save the world - I had been writing for three years and basically grew out of the story!  One day I will return to it and draft it as a children's series.

I've also completed a stage play, and am in the process of co-writing a script for television.  I will not publish either of these on here I'm afraid, since writing is a rough buisness and I am looking to be commissioned for bith these scripts - don't want anyone nicking these good ideas!

My writing focusses much on the emotional needs and problems of individuals.  I love working with taboo subjects such as incest and murder, whcih has led some of my friends to question my mental wellbeing!  The poetry especially contains many religious symbols, and a piece often has two or more levels to it.  The symbols are not because I am particularly religious, but symbolic would be a good term.  I am interested in psychology and philosophy, and have been a study of comparative religion which explains the emphasis.

Generally though, I don't write to confuse or alienate people.  There are multiple levels, but these levels for me are not necessary for a reader.  When I ask people to read my work, their reaction is what the piece is about.  Often, interpretation of a text emerge that I had been unaware of, and I find it profoundly interesting in this respect.

Unfortunately, over time, my writing obsession has dwindled a bit. In my house saying "I'm working" whilst whipping off a sonnet doesn't really wash, which is why I joined this site.  So if anyone has any ideas on how to get me back into my secret life where I can develop my work, I would be much obliged to you!

I'm also new to this site, so not entirely sure what it is all about!

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