a 41-year-old female from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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"Life's Beautiful !!"

Write !!! When I was in school, I always wondered, how can my fellow mates write beautiful poems and stories and sent their creations to the school review that published every year.

As a child I was an active dancer and performenr in my school and thought thats my destiny.

As I grew up I diverted to a direction that made me a jewellery designer and for many yeras I leanred the art of making jewellery and understanding the art.

Many yeras have passed by, now I love to dance and learn new art forms of dancing ... I design and manufacture jewellery for my living .... and to nutrue my soul .... NOW I WRITE !!!

I discovered this small fire inside me a few years back when one of my close friend realized my potential to write only by talking to me. He did not read any of my creations ... He read my MIND !! And from there on kept on insisting me to write ....

Now I write thoughts, poems, pores and I wish to write short stories and eventually some Novels that can take forward positivity and social message and can help build a society constructively .....

Hope I have consistency and my words and sentences together make some sense.

Always Take Care


Neha Jain




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