a 21-year-old female from everywhere, Germany

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"Charles: Men who needed to stay alive for the greater good of a people, much like yourselves... men like Winston Churchill, uh, Joseph Stalin-- Nathan: AWESOOOOME. I'm Stalin, I call it. Pickles: I'm Nixon! Skwisgaar: I WANTS TO BE BILL COSBY!"

Oh my sweet Odin, I really hate these things. Anyway, a bit of information about myself:  I'm not very good at writing nor am I very confident when it comes to writing ANYTHING (obviously)
  I tend to be more on the melancholy side of things and I like slightly depressing stories. I'm also a bit weird and I, for whatever reason really like the Anime Axis Powers: Hetalia because I'm a huge dork.  and I absolutely ADORE Loki/Tom Hiddleston.  And I kind of find Albert Wesker from Resident Evil cool, despite the fact that he's.... evil as f*@#. That's all I care to put in this weird little profile box thing for the moment so, FAIR WINDS~

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