just a chick from Arkham Asylum

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"I am Ergo the Magnificent. Short in Stature. Tall of power. Narrow of Purpose and Wide of Vision!" ---- Krull

My Favorite things: twigs, toothpaste, everything that shines, food that is served that looks like another food, trap doors, misshappen dice, pants that have a lot of pockets, friendly looking stuffed animals, the sound of a dying fire, tin foil, ice, sea shells, books about squirells, moderate heights, well-lit caves, pictures of clouds, seceret rooms, clean trash cans, cobblestone, wind, double rainbows, corduroy, 8, cotton candy, vacations, board game pieces, trampolines, lemon flavoring but not real lemons, the early morning smell, pennies, blue water, all kinds of books, and mashed potatoes!

Things I wish I had: Long Fall Boots, Dual Portal Gun, the power to control time, celtic pocket watch, steampunk pocket watch, a Lightsaber, The Force, Bugs Bunny Powers, a wand, a magic broom, an Aperture Science jumpsuit, smelly markers, (to be continued)

Someone, I hope, with correct me in my spellin'! In case I didn't spell things right!

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