a 27-year-old lady from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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"Metal is... Music that hits you so hard that your face falls off, and instead of putting it back on, you light it on fire and salute the band!"

My name is Laura. I'm a very shy yet very curious girl. My friends tend to tease me about how I'm 18 yet still tend to, on occasion, act like a child. Little do they know, this act is done on­'s a little game I like to play (mostly with guys. It gets me into trouble sometimes but meh). More on that later.
My best friend is a teddy bear.
I have a very twisted mind, despite the 'innocence' that radiates off of me (...Sadly true. Don't get me wrong, I can kick and boss you around just as well as the next girl). Because of this twisted mind, I have fantasies that I could never share with anyone...yet­. So to control these fantasies, I write about them and put them in the form of stories. I write a lot. A lot. Sad really how much I write.
Music is also a big part of my life. Right now I'm in the middle of a music project that my city is running (...aka: I'm stuck in a band. I love it VERY MUCH though.) and I'm studying to attending a music academy in Europe to take a music technology program. Fun fun.
As for bands that I like...psht.­..we'd be here all night if I listed off all of the bands I like. The main one right now seems to be Blutengel (I have this thing for Chris Pohl...Sexy)­. I'm also a HIM devotee...Ol­d stuff though. The new stuff makes me very sad for some reason. Music you will usually catch me listening to would be either metal (...yes, yes I am metal head. Without the headbanging.­) or industrial/d­arkwave. I will listen to pretty much anything though.
What else to say...Oh I have 4 tattoos; a heart, a star, a fairly big heartagram, and a portrait of my teddy bear and baby blanket. Yeah, I realize that's a bit babyish but my Teddy really does mean a lot to me. I also have 5 piercings; ears twice and nose that always has a heartagram in it. See the heart theme? Yeah.
I've had a fairly weird and rough little life but I'm grateful for it. Sometimes. Lots of scars but lots of interesting stories. Like the story about holding a handful of my own blood...that­ was interesting.­ Or the two times I almost drowned. Good times. I blame my life for the reason why I have this tendency to be attracted to the erm...'fathe­rly' Goth guys. You know the type. I also blame my height. Stupid height. I wish I would start growing again. Ah well.
I have this thing with pain and blood that scares some people (no, I don't cut...) but I really don't care. Again, I blame my past for this pain fascination.­ As long as it's not emotional pain and you don't make me cry...I'm good.
All in all, I'm a very interesting person once you get me to talk. I tend to be very quiet and hide in the shadows. Warning though, I do like to play games. They're fairly innocent though. Fairly.

My writing style is very random although I do tend to write on the dramatic and sad side. There are happy and very silly moments though.

I've written many stories, which can be seen on my website, and have a little following of fans...who I adore to bits!

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