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"1. Fearlessness is recklessness when unaccompanied by patience and wisdom. 2. The only thing that can get you down is gravity. Everything else is fire meant to refine and beautify."

Not a prolific writer anymore...but I'm making myself have time because to be overly busy is just not good. I may or not post some old works (I'm old fashioned ~I like writing but I really hate typing) so please just bear with me.
But any other questions you may have about me, feel free to ask ^o^

Okay, so I'm going to post my poetry I've written long ago (some were published some were not) ~so feel free to love it hate it think about it forget it rate it or not ^o^

Warning: I will post a poem response to your poetry/story/comment if I can get away with it ^o~ Sometimes an idea or a few words inspire me so I must write when I must write ^o^

Warning II: I laugh easy and I laugh often (not always apart from each other, yet not always at the same time either). I'm a firm believer in free hugs --or pouncing, whichever comes first.

I've been revising Letters to Nowhere so if you'd pleeease (oh dear, I really had to butcher that word) read it ^o^

Stories I'm working on (including collabs which will have an asterisk beside it):

Letters to Nowhere

*The Guilt of a True Survivor
*Continued from Guilt of a True Survivor 2AF

*Hegemon (*I haven't yet written anything for this collab but please feel free to visit it and join)

Soterios Something that I'm finally... finished? Well, finished first draft so technically no. Not finished. *leSigh

Love Untold

A Cost Undone 

Some poetry:

[Because They Don't Know] Who I Am...


Defeated By My Own Fallacy ~ Circular


Distant Sky

Depths of Sea



What is Popular is Discussed... 

Wisdom Imparted All But Heard

Here I stand

The Reader The Nurse The Enemy

The Spy The Instructor The Advocate

The R's of Life Revised 

The MOLE The Catalyst The Syndicate

The Pupeteer The Mastermind The Seer

War the Death Orgy

I Overstand


The Dream of Land


Failing Forward

Miss Take

Thank You

Fixed Record

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