a bird from The Garden, United Kingdom

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"I may be mad, but I'm not stupid."

~ Greetings~ ...I guess seeing as you bothered to click on the little link to my profile, then I might as well bother to introduce myself. So here I am, trying not to sound too weird and thinking of things to say...

 I’m a teenager, which doesn't seem to be anything unusual in this website, so that’s good. I'm also a writer, which also isn't anything unusual on this web, at least I hope not.

I'm usually a calm person, but you know what they say about the quiet people. Prone to snapping with disastrous consequences.

I’m mostly sane...well at least 50%, so if I start going all random just slap me and I should stop...should.

 I’m also in the last year of high school, thus swamped by tests, so might not be actually doing anything after actually bothering to sign up... ah well.


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