a 33-year-old girl from the United Kingdom

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"We are only as great as our deeds!!!!"

Ever since i was a kid i have always loved books i loved reading them when i learned to read and before that i just loved to flick through them.  So I guess i fell into writing one summer because i had read all the books that i had available to me i think i was 17 and decided to make up my own story and thats when it started!!! It has also improved my english as English is my second language Arabic being my first!!

I guess i love al types of books i dont really have a favorite author as i dont like to limit myself.  

When im not writing i play a lot of Volleyball and Badminton!! i love to dance (just started to learn Merengue and i love it)!!  I also have a passion for movies and i can tell u soo many useless facts about movies and actors and actresses. 

Im originally from Libya north africa and i was brought up there till i was 12 and then i moved to london with my mom and brother. 

Im not one to share my writing with anyone its too much of cringe worthy moment!! id love to be able to get better at describing things well.  i seem to just not be able to do that without making a paragraph or two out of it!!!

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