a 25-year-old dame from India

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"Failures are stepping stones to success; not escalators..."

Im 17 and all of it.  I share my Birthday with Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr. and am 'Pavo'ciously proud of it. I love to talk and equally appreciate silence. I believe nature has everything that man needs to lead a happy life. I dont have pets at home which upsets me totally as im crazy abt animals. To compensate, however, im involved in conservation activities; IN to save the Oliver Ridleys and THe Indian Band of Dolphins and Whales. I also try my best to find home for strays.
Poems are a passion, i dont force myself to write. It just comes on its own. My poems are soft, mostly reflect what i feel or wud like to feel.
I am a huge fan of Wordsworth's poems and like the challenging style of Shelly's odes.
I read, a lot. I like novels about medical sciences and mysteries.
LIttle Women, Strong Medicine, Final Diagnosis, Hospital, Paths Of Glory, OLiver Twist are some of my favourites. Enid Blyton still continues to charm me . . . .
There is definitely more...but i always stick to my limits...

Even when im happy.

My Hapiness Has Never Known No Bounds...


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