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"Of all the millions of possibilities, you were chosen to live. You enter the world crying, and leave the world, dying… and the choices you make in-between will define you, for eternity. Make it… special." -Me

As an author, writing is a passion that resonates deep within me. I describe what writing feels like by comparing it to standing in a river with one's arms stretched wide, attempting to corral the waters and hold them back. Naturally, it cannot be done. Such is the flow of writing... it is an uncontrollable force; one that I hitch a ride on and allow it to take me where it wishes to go. Sometimes the waters offer a rough ride, but far more often it is a joyous and remarkably creative venture. Either way, I'm grateful for the experience.

My main project is titled RAYL. It's an epic fantasy I've been working on for years. While I've decided to share the beginning chapters here as a work, I want to express my willingness to attract interested collaborators. Please read RAYL and let me know if you'd like to be a part of it. Thank you. 

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