a 23-year-old shorty from Right in the Middle of the, United States

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"What is a novel if not a conviction of our fellow-men's existence strong enough to take upon itself a form of imagined life clearer than reality and whose accumulated verisimilitude of selected episodes puts to shame the pride of documentary history."

Welcome to my profile page! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Mycayla, but I won't object to being called Cayla, and this is where I can tell you about myself.

Currently, I'm a student of Media Arts. I work at my school's daycare center and am still juggling all the school work and everything. I plan to work for Disney, yes I know it's cliched, but just you wait, I will be famous someday.

Current Collabs include: Endless Stars with my very best friends and favorite team and Of Dragons and Unicorns, a little tidbit that was just for me but now it's not! So yay :)

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