a funky monkey from not in a Field, Ireland

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"When your back is against a wall,where do you turn? not around because you'd be heading back to what you were running from. i say, break down the wall,climb the wall,don't stray from said wall,because you never know what you might find on the other side"- Me

Ooookk...Well i'm 16,living in the emerald isle as in Ireland. My five favourite things i couldn't live without would be...My family(including the dog)...My Mac(Best laptop I'v ever bought)...My stationary(I love pens,or rubbers, anything!)...My Friends,They keep me sane,sometimes :P..and My bookshelf. :)

I'm very much a people-person, i dont have much time for people who are only friends with others for there money or there social status etc. Friends are people you can talk to, whether you rich, poor, in trouble ,sad, happy whatever! on the other hand, you have five fingers :) hehe. Oh yeah thats another thing, I'm very random :)

Well,i love to write. OK thats sort of an understatment, i write constantly, even when theres homeowrk to be done but hey! who needs math right? :)

Going to be studying Arts with English, Human Rights, Creative Writing and Lit. next year at Uni hopefully if i pass my leaving cert/A-levels/ Graduate High school (Depending on where your living) :)

I really want to move to America...Boston,New york(Manhattan and NYC) California travel around a bit. I might venture out to Canada and Oz too!

My inspiration comes from every aspect of my life. I tend to go with stories based in America some in England and Ireland And some just, everywhere and anywhere, so if you have any critiques on what im rambling on about, just write me, and i'll answer. :)

Every type of music is my type of music.Muse & Paramore to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus(i see i'v lost a few fans there already :P)  Kate Voegele and Owl City,Passion Pit and The Temper Trap, Ellie Goulding and Coldplay. I <3 Skins,Glee,Desperate Housewives and Greys Anantomy.

If you want to know more about me just mail me : :)

Thanks,and Slán! (which means goodbye) ^_^ xx

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