a 31-year-old girl from New York, United States

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I'm Jennifer, Jenn, or Stephanie (yeah those are my names lol) I love art in all it forms. I want to be a writer. I’m a nocturnal soul, I sleep in the day and work at night, can't really concentrate or get inspire to do anything during the day so I usually go to sleep at 5 am (well most of the time at 7-11 am, or if i have class in the morning i go to sleep after class. yeah i'm weird) , I hate the day and the sun, I’m a vampire after all. Well or maybe I’m just a weirdo. (Not much difference between one and the other) not good talking about myself as you might have already guessed. 

English is my second language so if I don't make sense sometimes... oops I’m sorry! Just let me know; don't call the grammar police on me please.

I love coffee and chocolate (at the same time).

I like thrillers, mysteries, romance and trashy fiction novels. I love vampire literature. I haven't read many 'classic books' yet but I’m working on it.  I haven't really read any horror novel, al horror story I’ve read have been here on booksie and they have been great. But the scariest book I’ve read was the apocalypse (the 'holy bible' don't remember if is exactly apocalypse that is call but is the end of the world.) yeah I can be quiet scary and I read it when I was 11 so yeah. Now that I look back I can't believe I read the bible! Wow (ooh and liked it by the way, but just as a fiction work. no offence to people that believe in it just my point of view). I don't belong in any religion' but I love to read about them. I find it interesting the different forms a believe could come in. I like to explore what feels right to me so I read about any believe out there.... well haven't read much about Scientology.  I believe most religions are for masochist and I’m more of sadist myself lol not really. ohh yeah and I do believe in god, just one of my own lol. I just don't believe in religion.

I'm different, I see things differently and I think in an uncommon way.... just like everybody else I guess.

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