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"when life give you lemons, make grape juice and sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it."

i'm bethany, i'm 15, i live in australia, i'm on several writing sites this the newest, i'm on wattpad, quotev and twilightarchives, all under the name MsRandomchick, exept twilightarchives that is under the name bethanywhitlock, i'm terrible at updating because i usally use my school laptop and they keep blocking all these sites last one blocked was quotev so i found a new site, this one!!! umm well my favourite colour is purple, but my colour of the day is blue, as im writing this i'm using a public libary wireless, (my mum decided to take the internet away >:[  ) anywho my favourite book series is the drake chronicles. I love romance books, but if they don't catch my attention withing the first few pages i just stop reading,i love my music i need it more than i need internet. If anyone tries t taket off me they get a black eye, i might take a while to update my stiries but thats because i've got several ideas and i can't pick which story it should be in yet... umm i've run out of things to write and i'll see you later my little butterflys ;) 

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