a 32-year-old diva from Constantine's bedroom, United States

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"To me, people are just bags of skin who slow down my day." - Ellie Torres (Cougar Town)


I'm Amy, and there are two things I love most in life...writing and Constantine "sexy Greek God" Maroulis. In case you don't know who he is, he was a Season 4 American Idol finalist, and he starred in Rock Of Ages on Broadway. He recently played the lead role in Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical on Broadway. That man is my world. 

I am a self-published author on, going by the name of Amy West, but that might change to Amy Maroulis. ;) I've got five stories in the works right now, but only one that I will be posting here at the moment. It's a multi-fandom/fan fiction fantasy story. Three other stories, Constantine fan fictions will be posted on WattPad. And the other will be posted on Confusing I know, but sometimes I like letting readers choose their own characters to follow in the story by posting those stories on here. If that makes sense. 

Enjoy my writing and please rate if you can! 

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