a 24-year-old guy from wondrous Realms of Emrealles

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"Hope forms its domain in the hearts of those who keep the flame of will alight" - Eraya. from my fantasy novel- journals of a traversing troupe: wondrous realms & diverse helms.

Hola amigos!

I'm basically an introvert and i'm fanatically obsessed with wildlife, nature,european and arabian medieval architecture, dinosaurs! opera(enya an angel!), fantasy adventure,tolkein's magical works(smeagol the best!) ,Bavarian landscape,realmadrid(say hala madrid!) and spain! (say viva espana!!!)

i write poems,lyrics,i'm aspiring to be a professional nature and landscape photographer, and also i'm a sketch artist.

Right now i'm writing a fantasy adventure trilogy based on medieval europe. i've mapped out the entire trilogy & i'm making several changes to my story. my first draft is about to had its heights but also was very naive as i'm always in crowded and 'uninspiring' environments.I usually go into this 'abyss of self under-estimation' which hinders my potential many a times.I LIVE IN MY IMAGINATION N DREAMS n hence has been able to write so much.i have hand written my first draft so far, i shall now make immense changes to it n write it on the computer. i wish to make folks LOVE NATURE,THAT MEDIEVAL EUROPE N IMAGINATIVE BEAUTY...i shall publish it once its done,both here and as a hard copy.i have joined this community to socialize with people. hope to make friends with similar thoughts and likes here!

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