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I'm just a 17 year old chica from the United States of America.

This description of myself and ideas is probably going to be futile and a waste of my time since most of the viewers of my profile won't seem to care. However, deep in my psyche over the river of regrets and in the forest  of aspiration, I felt the need to do a little venting. So here goes:

My name is Mr.Delicate . Now, viewer of my profile, you may be wondering why my pseudonym would be something so meaningless and tacky. Well, it's the perfect reflection of myself since I am both meaningless and tacky.

There are a few things I feel you should know about myself-as if you could care to know them anyhow:

  • I'm from a quaint town where I live with my brother and sister and mom (or dad depending on the month)
  • I am an esteemed member of the Brew Crew.
  • I am a huge Badger fan.
  • I love football! GO PACK GO!
  • My favorite color is blue. Amost any shade of blue tickles my fancy  (rarely ever a dark shade of blue).
  • I'm a dead nerd meaning I'm fascinated with Latin. I'm interested with other languages too such as Japanese, Spanish, Korean and even my own native language English. I aspire to go into linguistics. 
  • I am also interested in the workings of the conscience. I also dream of going into psychology.

This here concludes my futile spew of random facts about myself that probably won't interest you at all. But as I said earlier, I felt like doing a little venting and who knows, maybe my words will matter to you one day.

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