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"Typos are very important to all written form. It gives the reader something to look for so they aren't distracted by the total lack of content in your writing. - Randy K. Milholland"

Heyyy! I like to write, obviously, that's why I'm here. I'm pretty spunky, I guess. There's no real rule to my behavior, and it would be easier to list things I'm not than things I am. 

My writing -- in everything I write, I try to stay away from the cliched. As a rule, mood and emotion are the things I'm trying hardest to refine and perfect. In prose, I'm trying to work on my characters, their dialogue, and portraying their emotion. In my poetry, I'm simply looking to use unconventional ways of expressing things, and I'm trying to develop the way I express the emotion. Any advice or tips, etc would be helpful, just be nice, no-one wants to be hated at.

What I've written as of the end of September 2011:

Panic: This is a solo with a working title. It's my baby. The documentation of the post-apocalytic overthrow of an Orwellian-type city. Action, drama, and romance all play a part.

Angles of an Angel: A lesbian collab with Stargazer about two college girls.

Sophie and Eva: A flash fiction solo, sort of a snapshot of my psyche, I guess? 

Explosions of Light: A solo. All the poetry I've ever written is here, in no particular order.

Typical Teenagers: A collaboration about six British friends in college.

The Vigilantes: An over the top action collaboration in which a group of vigilantes takes on corruption in NYC.

Just Write: A collaboration about sadness.

Torrents: A collaboration with jamm. Norse mythology, computer hacking, and a Japanese trickster come together at the end of the world.

Letters from Mother: A solo. A teenage girl gets pregnant out of wedlock.

Recommended Authors:

In no particular order...













StrawBarry (if you like horror)

Please notice for when you're reading and rating my work:

"I ask only one thing of you, the reader. I love compliments as much as the next person but what means more to me is the constructive criticism.

So, next time you're reading something that I've written (or anyone for that matter) and you give it a rating of, say, 3.5 - take a minute to leave a comment and explain why because then, the next chapter hopefully will be better.

I think you should definitely do this if you rate below 2.0 because getting such a low rating is often quite a harsh blow, especially when you don't know what you've done wrong.

Rant over :)" -copied from jamm's profile. Thank you, hon!

That's all, I guess. Peace out. Read - and Rate - my stuff. XD


CH (MotherMary)

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