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"It has been said that words cut like a knife, though many an intellectual will also proclaim that the pen is mightier than the sword. No doubt a truly gifted wordsmith believes both to be true, as they have the unique ability to capture love, happiness, rage and torment in a carefully painted picture. It is to this end that I ultimately aspire. ~ Morrigan Aoife"

Hi There!

So nice of you to stop by!

I am here because I have always loved to write. While my focus is fantasy fiction, I have written and will write other genres, so send a mini saga challenge my way and I'll be happy to comply.

I recently decided that I needed to take a more active approach to accomplishing my dream of writing children's books so I am currently working to develop the "Writing Habit". It's hasn't always been easy to make the time to write but I am determined to do so.

I write at least two post a week on my blog The Power Of Words On Paper. Many have been response writings to prompts served up by Daily Writing Practice. (DWP) Others were just spur of the moment inspiration.  Currently, I am working on a compilation of  poetry  centered around various Celtic Creatures.

Whichever you take the time to read, I hope you enjoy them.



Celtic Creatures Blog Series:

<3 Leanhuan Sidhe

<3 Trow

<3 Ghillie Dhu

<3 Ceasg

<3 Wulver


Short completed works:

** Writers Block (Poem)

** The Creator (Poem)

** The Crow ( Poem)

** A Work Of The Overly Opinionated (Editorial)

** Basil Woodall - The Score (Short Scene)

** Disturbia (Short  and a  bit odd)

** The Schedule (Poem)

** Homonyms Poetically Defined (Poem) 

** My Own Little Demons (Poem)


Completed Children's Tales : 

** The Turbulent Storm

** The Seige - A prompt out of control 


Stories currently on hold :

**  Druesilla Phoenyx  (Fan Fiction - 8th Chapter) (On Hold)

** Scenes From The Blackout  (5th Chapter) (On Hold)

** Ashlan Monnet The Deamer (8th Chapter) (On Hold)


 A few notes on Critiques, Tips and Advice

Who am I? I have always been a writer and an avid reader. I am not a published author. I have no formal training in this field.

Who do I write for? I have always written for myself. I am only now (2012) beginning to share my work with others. I consider my work Middle Grade and/or Teen/Young Adult. Most of my stories are fantasy fiction. Although some of my writings are just expression of feelings and thoughts.

What Do I Read? I read what I love to write; fantasy, fiction, mythology, fable/folklore, supernatural and teen/young adult fiction. So you will notice that I frequent those genres here on Protag. I have only now taken an interest in poetry because of it's vivid imagery and free expression.

What To Expect From My Comments? I rate and base my comments on content. Is the story coherent? Does it make sense? Does it babble, ramble on, or is it boring? Is it original or is it the same tired old tale retold. Does the story use language the average reader would be familiar with; if it doesn't, does it attempt to explain or clue in the reader. Does the writer use of imagery, descriptive details and express emotion. If the story uses characters that the readers may be familiar with is the story true to the characters nature and ability. (For Example: The reader may already have experience with Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Gods and many mythical creatures as well. Therefore they often have preconceived ideas as to how they should behave and what magical abilities they possess.)

I may also at times state what I know or what I think I know after reading a chapter; especially if it's a transitioning one where not a lot of action takes place. I think this approach helps a writer to see if their readers are perceiving the story the way in which they intended.

What Not To Expect?I make no comments as to form, punctuation or grammar. I am not an English major and since I have trouble seeing these mistakes in my own work it would be highly unfair to critique yours. Others here are much better suited for this task.

Lastly, if your really bored and want to learn more about me you can read my autobiographical letter.

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