an 18-year-old bird from Neverland, United States

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"Logic defies love. No wait! Love defies logic. Well, I got the words the words right." --Claire Becker

I'm back after a long hiatus... (much like BBC's Sherlock, but we don't speak about that here, do we?).

There were a few reasons why I packed up from this website and left, the biggest one being I was scared of plagiarism, but I have come to the resolve I need the feedback that this site has provided and I really wanted to be among my fellow writers.

Much has happened since my departure, like trying out for an art school, getting into Doctor Who and Sherlock, and writing three no-go books. This is why I need you guys, huh?

There has also been a quite a lot of poetry. Oh yes.  I hope to be recreating my name back on this website after I so rudely left.

I am open to constructive criticism, and will provide it if you ask. Go ahead, I don't bite. Well, not very hard at least. Just leave me a message with the name of your piece, and I'll let you know.

Yours, very truly,


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