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"When you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side."

Update section (for any updates that strike my fancy ;P:

My list of To Read Books got deleted from Notes :( That's why I haven't been reading and/or commenting on the stories I promised to read, so sorry about that. I'll see if I can recover the list, but, in the case that I can't, if there's anything you still want me to read, please let me know! I'll write a new list, that's right, write, so it can't be deleted ;)



Lackey = <10 posts
Hothead = 10 posts
Gambler = 25 posts

Daredevil = 50 posts
Mercenary = 100 posts
Adventurer = 250 posts (finally! Now I've just got to work on getting 500 posts!)
Swashbuckler = 500 posts
Argonaut = 1,000 posts
Hero = 2,500 posts
Legend = 5,000 posts
Immortal = 10,000 posts

A Small Collection of Stories


The Mute Girl

A solo about two stolen voices and a mystery...


Not really anything yet, just about a girl who's in deep trouble. And must be protected at all costs. Which is a shame that she goes and gets herself into danger.

The Last Straw

This is a story about a girl struggling to make a living and keep her house from being sold.

Little does she know that there is more to it than that. 
* Why did her mother die?
* Was she murdered?
* What has a stack of pretty paper got to do with it all?

The Boy Who Wished He Were A Girl

In this world, people aren't feminist, but quite the opposite. A young farmer's boy, Layke, wishes things would change. But little does he know that it's his life which changes the most...

My collabs:

The Red Pen

This is a collab which I categorise under a sort of "Free For All" heading. Do anything with it, add to the story, and most of all, have fun! Don't worry, I won't mind (I endorse fun) xD

Tale of the Two Whimms

I created this one myself :) Like Harry Potter but not really...

Pure Whimms hide their identity. But one Whimm doesn't even know his true one.

The Writer Games

Winning will make you famous.

Losing means certain death.

 In a dark vision of the near future, 12 boys and 12 girls are forced to appear in a live TV show called the Writer Games. There is only one rule; kill or be killed.

*This concept is based on the Hunger Games by the amazing Suzanne Collins. We own the characters though*

 May the odds be ever in your favour!

Unexpected Amicability

Unexpected Amicability: A collab between Masquerade and I (MooMoo).

This is a story of two very different lives. Amber Sutton Smith is a bullied 15-coming-to-16 year old, and Delilah Mackenzie Hartman, a popular, stuck-up 15-coming-to-16 year old.

Amber avoids Delilah as much as possible, and Delilah strips Amber of her dignity -- frequently. But now both girls' sweet sixteenths are coming up, and now is the time for Amber to get revenge.

How will it all turn out? What happens to Delilah and Amber?

The Sea On Land

Six mermaids are trying to live their normal lives, but when an incident happens which rocks their lives, will they be able to recover?

The brainstorming part of that is here.

This is mostly for myself so I can find it easier ;D

Feel free to check out the rest of my stories (though they aren't really that good) and tell me what you think!


Mooey ;)!

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