a 26-year-old male from UK

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"“Everything can be a hobby when you're not forced to do it, and everything can be entertaining when you're not compelled, but impelled to deal with it.” - Mohsen H. Darabi (in “Preludes to Birth”)"

Apart from my short-story published by Nature in 2012, I continue to pursue my quest of literary adventure through writing -- to find the right combination of words that would fit well beside each other within a realm of creativity that could lead to practicality. It follows to explore the strength of language on an ongoing route to a better understanding, again leading to practicality with a tinge of absurdity. Such an understanding is best when it inspires the reader to stage notable actions beneficial to the integrity of humankind. The "Works" tab (above) contains some sample writing, though not all of the items represent my ideal aspirations as detailed above. "Preludes to Birth" is among my works which I like the most. I also write poetry and my poems can be found on

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