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◖ Mohinder Suresh ● NBC's Heroes RP ● Multi-verse/ship ◗

Under normal circumstances, Mohinder is a very curious, polite, soft spoken, proper, and even shy evolved human with the ability of enhanced strength. Get on his bad side though, and you'll get quite a glare with a side of snark. Oh, and he can be awkward, especially around women.

[ Geneticist | Hero | ...Chai lover ♥ ]

Name: Mohinder Suresh
Canon: NBC’s Heroes
Ability: Enhanced Strength (+agility/stamina)
Canon Point: Will default to post-canon if not specified.
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexuality: Het
Place of Birth/Hometown: Chennai, India (Formerly Madras)
Accent: Although he’s from India, they changed his accent to a British one on the show because of where he went to college. I don’t write it out phonetically, but I try to capture it in his speech pattern instead.
More Info: Full history can be found here - Heroes Wiki

◖ - Personality - 

When provoked, snark is usually imminent. After everything Mohinder has been through, he’s grown a lot less likely to take crap from others, not hesitating to stand up for himself and those he loves. When not being threatened, he’s very polite and soft spoken though. Usually he’s proper and shy, especially around people he doesn’t know very well. His seemingly uptight nature will fade as he becomes comfortable around others (or if alcohol is involved). After breaking through his shell, his sweet and caring nature begins to shine. His curiosity sometimes gets the best of him, especially around gadgets, machinery, and untested serums. If something isn’t scientifically possible, he’ll be prone to a little freakout while he tries to grasp the concept. And lastly, it should go without saying that he can occasionally be somewhat awkward, especially around women.

◖ - Abilities - 

If played after The Second Coming, Mohinder has Enhanced Strength/Agility/Stamina.

After having the perfected formula wash over him, all traces of his old ability disappeared, and only the enhanced strength aspect was left. He has demonstrated this ability on several occasions, including ripping a car door off its hinges to use as a make-shift shield. This ability also seems to give Mohinder enhanced agility, which is displayed by Peter Petrelli while responding to an emergency call.

One weakness displayed is that when Mohinder is in an insane asylum, the drugs they give him prevent him from using his ability. Once Ando switches the drugs with aspirin, Mohinder is able to easily break out of a straitjacket and easily breaks down his cell door. (- From HeroesWiki)

◖ - Very Condensed History - 

Long story short, Dr. Mohinder Suresh is a genetics professor from India who took up the research into evolved humans after the death of his father. Steadily unraveling the mysteries of his father’s research, as well as determined to find his father’s killer, eventually Mohinder joined the Company, and later defected to Pinehearst. Mohinder’s research has since made the ground-breaking discovery of the way a normal human could gain abilities, with Mohinder using the new treatment on himself and becoming an artificial evolved human. Mohinder was formerly on the run from the government after escaping again from Emile Danko and his forces but, after the shutdown of Building 26 and the death of “Sylar”, he went back to India, where he became a teacher again and lived with his former girlfriend, Mira Shenoy.

However, after visiting the Carnival, Mohinder was attacked by Samuel Sullivan, who was looking for a film depicting his father showing how Samuel’s ability can be vastly magnified. Hiro saved Mohinder, but put him in an asylum to keep him out of the way for the next few weeks. A mentally scrambled Hiro and Ando later rescued Mohinder and teleported him to Noah’s apartment where he then built another compass to help take down Samuel. (- From HeroesWiki)

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