a man from Egypt

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"We all live in a learning community, sometimes we are the teacher, others we are the student, most important is to play each role right."

I recently participated in a Novel Writing Competition, I wrote my novel in 40 days (340 pages).  When I was younger, I wrote a lot, but never thought of publishing, may be because I was not that dedicated to writing; I have been working as a Financial Controller for the American University in Cairo for 28 years, and work took all my time.

I discovered a treasure of writing tips, techniques, and honest advice on the English-writing community on the Internet, I felt that there is a good chance for me to pick up on those trends and incorporate in writing Arabic novels.  Making a genuine developmental contribution to the Arabic Literature.

I intend to write novels that are more focused on psycho syndroms such as ADHD, Asperger, Bipolar disorder, etc. I believe I would have to expose such symptoms gradually as the novel advances, the syndrom and treatment may be my plot.

Am very proud to be part of Protagonize Community.


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