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"What doesn't kill you makes you strong", "Carpe Diem", and "You can sleep when you're dead".

Hi!  Found this site by Google-ing "find collaborative writing partners".

I raise 2 grandchildren, ages 14 and 17 and care for my youngest daughter at home.  I'm "into" gardening, natural and holistic living, the "green" lifestyle, writing YA , romance, historical, and SF&F fiction.  I've edited manuscripts for authors, one of which (as a new author) received a 3-book contract on her first deal.  I've written for years and have had some success in online contests, etc.

My hope is to find other good fiction writers who can stretch their creative muse to do some collaborative, round-robin writing with me.

PS ~ 2005 was a very stressful year for me - so I turned to poetry!  I hope you get to know me a little better through both my fiction & poetry.

POETRY from 2005:   (On      Old Wives Tales     

                                                               A Little Piece of Peace



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