a 31-year-old hobo from South Carolina, United States

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"Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Well, I'm full of vengeance. Guess that makes me God."

I'm afraid there isn't much to say about an author like myself. I write stories that I want to write and I want people to read them. Pretty simple, is it not?

Check out the Get Even Series. It has that punk tech, brutal, religious, mythological and new age touch that I've been trying to establish for years now.

I love tattoos and I have a few myself. Let me explain the significance of them all:

The sigil on my right arm is that of Valefor. He's a demon who, if I'm correct, is kind of like the king of thieves as far as Hell is concerned. On the left arm I have an Aries emblem as my zodiac sign is that of an Aries. I have a large dragon on my left bicep to represent the angel Cassiel who is said to be able to transform into a dragon. 

My special tattoo is in "Constantine" style. Like John Constantine had to put his forearms together to form a complete ink work I have to do the same thing with my forearms. One side of a face wearing a gas mask is on the right side while a half face of a demon with a large horn is on the other forearm.

My current favorite quotes:

"And this is why heartbreak needs a combat medal." -Dionysus (Dion) McNeil

"Confess. No, really, confess. Lying is about as useless as sex with a shadow." -Grandma

"Women always see themselves as the victim. Men are the devil to them. Yet, they don't realize that dogs come in two genders..." -Mom

"Then again, men do bark the loudest." -Mom again

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