a 22-year-old kid from you know where, Czech Republic

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"Life is too short - live it passionately. Be open. Express yourself."

"Be like a thunderstorm: dangerous and unpredictable."
Almost ready. Organic vegan. Gay. Consumed by and dedicated to photography, and obsessed with documenting life and making memories. Art, film, music, book, and video game fiend. In love with piano and dancing. Born with a gift to write. Night owl. Prefers solitude and independence. Nice and generous by default, vengeful when necessary. Modest & Honest. Highly Observant. Wise beyond my years. Sophisticated. Glamorous. Spontaneous. Fun. Opinionated. Free-spirited. Uncontrollable. Unstoppable.

My world is bigger than your dreams and I wear glasses. If something I do makes you judge me differently, you can suck my (nonexistent) you-know-what, because I could care less. This is my life, and I will find pathways to the future. I'll be independent. I will stand alone if I must. After all... life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself.

If you want a way to contact me, hit me up: magicfairydust@live.com.

Also, that adorable little girl in the picture with me is my cousin Nela. My hair isn't really that long; I wear a wig just to switch things up.

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