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"Live life to the fullest for you, not half way to please everyone else."

Age: 16

Occupation: High School Student 

About me: Hey! My name's Janessa! I'm a very spazzy girl, who has been writing ever since I could hold a pencil. Sometimes my grammar isn't the best, but I hope that this website and your advice will help me to become better. I've never stopped writing, and it seems every day I'm coming up with more and more! I hope some day to be a real author. It's what I want to do with my life.

I also love manga and drawing! I'm even getting a manga published! (But, grammar in novels and manga's are IMMENSELY different!!! You can check out my manga's at:


Funhouse is my horror/creepy clown/slaughter fun story: "Yukiko Niwaya is a high school drop out and a total bad child. After badly wounded, she stumbles through an allyway, clinging to life. Just when she thinks it's the end, a boy with white hair and blood red eyes jumps down from the rooftops and crashes right into her. With enemies close behind, the boy rushes out of there with Yukiko close in arm. The enemies are strong, persistant, and will stop at nothing to get the precious blood of humans. Yukiko gets sucked into the enemies lair. Walls twisting, objects floating, speaking paintings and enemies patrolling the halls, Yukiko must fend for herself in... the Funhouse."

Deadly Bonds is a vampire story that a friend and I are co-authoring on. I have to admit, I'm very afraid to publish anything that relates to vampires at all, due to the infamous Twilight.

Dawn Bessho, a 16 year old high school student, has a very rare blood type. Blood type 'O' has nearly been wiped off the face of the earth, due to ravenous vampires' lust and desire of the taste. On her way home one day, she stumbles into Hayate, a pure-blood vampire who swears he doesn't need an assistant. Lured in by Dawn's blood, he bites her and she becomes the one thing he swore he'd never have. Will Dawn be able to accept her new fate as a Vampire Assistant, or die trying?

I also animate a lot!


I have an anime called Iie Mahou Ai. (No Magic Love, in japanese) I don't take as much time drawing in animations (due to there being LOTS of frames(or pictures)) but, I still try hard! :D

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