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I'm really glad I found this website. For the last year or so, I've been planning a webseries, but when I finally decides to get serious about it last spring, I ran into a block. I couldn't find a long term editor/collaborator, and it put me three months behind schedual. However Protagonize seems to be the remedy I need, so it'll be a joy to get to know the place.

Current Project:
Preproduction for The Wanders

The series is still in the planning stage. Once I iron out a few areas of the plot, I hope to find an editor so I can move on to screen play.

About the series:

It has long been believed that Parinacota contains humanity's last survivors. After 2 years, scouts return in the midst of famine with reports of a stronghold in the south inhabited by humans. Receiving the brunt of the blame for the outbreak of disease, the districts heavily populated with natives are forced to relocate to the newly discovered city. Ill prepared they must face the unknown wilderness whilst building a trail under the guidance of the military. Among the thousands uprooted are a few who retained the survival skills of their ancestors by leaving the walls to hunt for food. When the original food gathered for the trek is destroyed, these hunters take up the role of the food providers. Because of their understanding of nature, they also act as scouts clearing the path for the expedition. The story follows the Hutchinsons, a hunting family—painfully familiar with loss, but determined to see the trek to its completion.

About Me:

I am: easily excited, an ambivert, a procrastinator, meticulous, not funny
I like: the color red, the arts, writing, research, science, climbing, running, animation
I dislike: carrots, talking, basketball, boats, animals, the ocean

I write: short stories (if I finish them), comic, screen play

I read: what ever I pick up.

I joined: to find writing projects to help with, to make friends, to develope my own writing

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