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Hello, I'm Mira.

Well, this is me. I'm thirteen, and there's nothing really that interesting about me. I used the name of one of the characters in a short story I'm writing, whose personality is based off of mine. I may put the story on here one day, and see what you guys think.

Naa, maybe not.

I enjoy listening and playing the piano, and my favorite composer is Yiruma. I like to read and write stories, mostly writing them with angels and romance in, quoting my favorite stories as I go. I spend my time either at school, or in my room, in the dark, writing strories, chilling out to music, watching animes, reading mangas, or eatin a slice of chocolate cake. At the moment, I have a complete obsession of Fullmetal Alchemist.

I can be quite quiet and shy at times, but most of the time I'll be laughing with my best friends. Most of my friends say that I stay locked up inside myself, which I guess is true, since I don't often trust people, or tell the truth.

Well, that's me. If you want to contact me, email CherryBittenVampire@gmail.com, or Jade-star@live.co.uk

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