just a guy from Australia, NSW

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"When you turn off the main road, you have to be expected to see some funny houses" - Stephen King

He sat, pen poised and hands at the ready, mind ticking with the prospects of a thousand stories; a million stories. The rain was soft but heavy, transforming the windows around him into something resembling molten glass. The black lamp on his desk provided cool white light, and his glasses glowed in the darkness, blocking the cool gray eyes beneath from the view of anyone who would be looking. His computer softly played shuffled music to help him set a mood, his Nintendo DS nearby should he need it, also in reach the latest King book he had happened to pick up. He was a writer and a lover of his craft, and it would be some time until he slept yet.

Okay, so there is a little taste of my work. Hello, I am Millard, not my real name my pseudonym, you can call me whatever you like as long as it isn't offensive. It just started raining, rain soothes me and helps me think during the night. It smells like nature and it is a beautiful mood setter. I enjoy to read, write and draw mainly, and sometimes I catch myself thinking about a job as an author, illustrator, or both. I hope this site will help me to grow my craft and I hope I will have fun here. Do not be afraid to message me if you like my work, I will do my best to read and reply to every one. Have a nice day.

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