a 56-year-old male from the United Kingdom

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"When the last deer has been hunted, the last tree felled and the last river polluted, only then will Man see that he was wrong. (Chief Seattle)"

Why Milky Bar Kid? Just ask my sisiter. Apparently I looked like him when I was young.

I've been writing for a few years now, mostly short (-ish) childrens stories but have been writing my first novel for the past year or so. The thing is, when you write for ages and keep on at the same thing, well I suppose it'd be like having the same meal every day, eventually you get fed up with it. That's what seems to be my problem. I've come to a point in my story where I don't know where to go and groups such as this are brilliant to help us writers find a way out.

I'm a keen musician and painter as well as my writing and I am a keen motorcyclist, I enjoyed a week in lovely Lincoln in the summer while I did some family research. A lovely trip and very recharging.

I live in the beautiful and underrated North of England, I am a proud Yorkshireman. I love Cricket and Archery, Ralph McTell, Lindisfarne and Jeff Lynne but hate reality TV, manufactured pop stars and people who neither say what they mean or mean what they say. I love the countryside and hate cities!

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