an 18-year-old lady from In your belly botton!, United States

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"I'm not some tool for you to solve the puzzle" -Mello

I'm Gaia! I'm a writer (shocking right?) My aunt, "Em" on here recomended this. So, since our home computer broken down/crashed, I have to use A: My moms laptop B: Use grandpa's computer if im there, or C: START GOING TO THE LIBRARY, MOM! Uh, oh, yeah...I draw to, self tought, so... kinda crappy. So how about why i became a writer, eh? DeviantArt.com.. My favorite website... EVAR! (No offence Protaonize!) And, I aways read flashes and MelloxMatt storys. So I started my own MxM flashes (and i still do!) and started writing other things. I like writing about feelings, romance, seasons, and of course, MelloxMatt. So at that, I'll try to write/download as many writings as I can.... BAH!!!

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