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"Everything in moderation" "You have been rather lobster-y lately." Oh, Starfire. :)

I've always been a bookworm. I can remember, at the age of six, my primary school teacher sneaking me into the big kids section so I could grab some chapter books. The Harry Potter series was a big thing for me as a kid, and when I discovered the Inheritance Cycle as a nine year old, the fantasy genre became my home away from home. When life started turning to %!$@ shortly afterward, it was books that became my safe haven. I would devour them, almost a book a day, until I'd read every book (that I wanted to) in our school library and the ones my teacher had brought in for the class.

Around the same time that I discovered the Inheritance Cycle, I wrote a short story in class and realised how much I enjoyed writing. About a year later I began writing a longer story called Philliediea, but gave up on it three years later because my writing style had changed too dramatically since the beginning, and I felt I could not write anymore on it. A year after that, I tried again with one called Saved by Scars, but the same thing happened within two years.

I lost the little faith I had in my writing after that, and had always been terrified of showing my writing to others as I thought it was not very good. Then, last year, I entered a national writing competition run by the newspaper, just for fun. Imagine my surprise when a month later, my homeroom teacher announced that I had won the prize for that week! I was one of the fourteen winners that year, and since then i've been more and more confident about my writing abilities.

I've wanted to be an author for a long time, but always had some other job I'd train for so I could get the money in. I didn't think I could make it.

Now, though, i'm going for it all out. I don't have anything uploaded currently, but I will very soon, and any tips, comments or suggestions you can give me would be highly appreciated.

I look forward to joining you all! :)

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