a 25-year-old chick from Whereever my mind takes me, United States

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"Do it today, it might be illegal tomorrow."

Welcom to my life and the inner workings of my conciousness.  I'm a little bit insane but I enjoy who I am and I'm quite satisfied with my life even though at times it doesn't seem too grand. 

My hobbies consist of watching random tv shows, staying up to crazy hours of the night and sleeping during the day, writing anything that comes to mind no matter what the time or the situation, tape, yes I like tape, and anything 100% natural, earthwise.

I acquire my inspiration from the happenings around me and things that occur in my own life and how I am feeling overall.  Music is something that I am extremely passionate about, even though I am musically challenged, I listen to it every second that I can.  My musical taste consists of anything that is meaningful and loud enough that it will give me a massive headache in a matter of seconds.  You may ask me about music and books and I will love to have a conversation with you about both of these things.

My works aren't going to be very well written because I don't get much feedback from my peers, because a good majority aren't mature enough to know what I'm writing about, but I would love to get it from everyone that reads my works.  Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.  :)  If anything I write or post offends you, you can just cease to read or look at that specific piece. 

Thanks world.  :)

P.S.  I have a Lycan/Vamp story that is in the making and will be posting it as soon and my life decides to take a break from the chaos.  It's not based off of any stereotype but what I think a Lycan/Vamp story should be like.

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