a 17-year-old cat from Southampton (no stalking plz), United Kingdom

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"The trick to life is not to get to attached to it" The Hoosiers- The Trick To Life. Basically, the inspiration for YOLO.

Hi, welcome to my page!

I'm a young teenage writer that's trying to get into the book world of Horror. 9/10 of the stories I upload will be of that genre and will probably have a consistent theme of zombies. Zombies are my main passion and I have a pretty decent knowledge on the subject. I'd love to make it big in the story publishing world one day, but for now I'm happy getting even just a couple of reads on a website. 

I'm the not the quickest nor the most frequent of writers as I have to juggle school and exam revision along with the dreaded homework but I do try to write as frequently as possible. 

I hope you read what I've uploaded and you enjoy it. 

Alex xxx

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