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"I am a pessimist at heart but a functional optimist."

Not exactly sure what possessed me to try my hand at writing. But here I go.Time will tell how this hobby of mine goes, it is more of an alternate creative outlet for me when I don't have the time or the muse to draw, which sadly, is leaving me a little empty at heart.

When the twirling of a pen in my fingers, 
and the scrawls on the edge of the page, 
are not enough to sate this urge, 
hopefully the tapping across the keyboard, 
will suffice in saving my life. 

Graduated with a biology/ecology major, currently doing further research in environmental management. Free-time "artist", if I may arrogantly call myself that, accepts random design request for free (or borderline free), usually for NGOs or someone with a good cause. Welcomes critiques and feedback to help me along the way. And thank you in advance for your interest. 


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